All of our guests receive daily attention and generous amounts of tender loving care.  We offer three types of suites, Our Kennel Suite, which is a large indoor/outdoor style suite where 
your dog has a covered outdoor porch with 
plenty of room to run and play. Our Comfort Suites which are  an upgrade from our kennel suites. They have glass doors which are sound reducing, their own heat and air unit, and padded floors. Our VIP suites are for our smaller dogs!

We do not charge for medication, however, we do require that you purchase a packet of pill pouches for us to administer the medication in for your dogs stay. We have these available for you to purchase at the B & B.

Activity Package: $10 per session
Your pet will have a 30 minute play time in our doggie play park with one of our staff members. (examples: one session per day, one session every other day, or 2-3 sessions per day) 

Welcome to 
Holly's Bed & Biscuit Inn!!

8730 Forrester Road
Lula, GA 30554

770.983.1987 (p)

If Holly's Bed & Biscuit Inn were for people, it would be a five star resort!  
We're like the Ritz for dogs!

Regular Suite: 
$25 per day (one dog) ~ $15 additional dog per day

VIP Suite: 
$30 per day/per dog 
(complimentary bath on exit day)

Day Care:
$15 per day
This service includes the activity package and a day of boarding (NO nights). Drop-off and pick-up hours are between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm.

** We charge per DAY, as we have no check-in or check-out time** 

If you pick up before 9:30am (mon-sat) there is no charge for that day.

**If your dog is scheduled for a grooming service on the day of check out picking up before 9:30am does not apply, you will be contacted when services are completed)**